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COVID-19 Travel
Certificate Service

Day 2 PCR tests from £20.00 – (NHS staff ONLY)

Day2/day8 tests from £40.00 – (NHS staff ONLY)

Rapid Antigen Testing is now available

Fit-to-Fly Covid 19-test: fast, reliable service with care, and a Doctor’s Travel Certificate.

Express Fit-to-Fly Covid-19 PCR Test: Results within 3 hours (ask the clinics for details).

Coronavirus PCR Test –Day-2/Day-8& TTR: Unvaccinated international arrivals.

Day 2: PCR for fully vaccinated international arrivals.

Swabs for RT-PCR tests are taken by qualified Health Care Professionals at our sites in Manchester and London.

4 Medical Testing is your solution in getting an easy, reliable, safe, and professional COVID-19 PCR testing service.

Do you need to travel abroad?

Do you need to fly overseas?

Do you need to shorten quarantine period?

Do you want to protect your family or business from COVID-19 cross-infection?

COVID-19 PCR Testing for Overseas Travellers

New guidelines for covid-19 testing effective from 4th October 2021.

If you are travelling back from any country except red list countries:

  1. Have had both doses of your Covid-19 vaccine? You will only need to have a COVID-19 PCR test on or before your day 2 of arriving in the UK.
  2. All Unvaccinated passengers – MUST have day 2 and day 8 tests and quarantine for 10 days.

For guidance on the entry requirement for your destination country visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus.

Fill in your Passenger Locator Form here: https://www.gov.uk/provide-journey-contact-details-before-travel-uk

Who could benefit from a COVID-19 RT-PCR test

  • All travellers or anyone requiring a certified Covid-19 RT-PCR certificate or a Fit-to-Fly certificate. (PCR or Lateral Flow).
  • All returning travellers who have had their vaccination in the UK, USA or EU will only require day 2 PCR testing.
  • All unvaccinated travellers who require Test-to-Release Covid-19 Test on Day 5 of return to shorten their quarantine period.

Covid-19 travel package includes:

Test centres located in London and Manchester

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