TTR Test To Release / Day 2 & Day 8 Combo Test Kit


This combo pack contains both kits, the PCR TTR Test To Release and the Day 2 / Day 8 testing kits.

Covid-19 PCR TTR Test To Release Kit

Offering a fast reliable Covid-19 test and Lab result report. A PCR test is required by most airlines and destinations outside the UK at present. Swabs for PCR tests are taken by trained Healthcare Professionals.

The Home test kits also used for Test for Release after arriving from the UK is available Nationally. We provide a full kit for self-swabbing to be used whilst at home and post back to our lab.

Covid-19 Day 2 & Day 8 Test Kit

4 Medical Testing is a UK government approved organisation for the mandatory day-2 and day-8 Covid-19 tests for all international travellers arriving in UK. 4 Medical Testing offers a fast and reliable Covid-19 PCR test. You would need to book and pay for your Covid-19 travel package before you board your flight back to the UK.

4 Medical Testing will ensure that your day-2 testing kit (self-swabbing kit) arrives at your home (designated) address in the UK on or before day 2 of your arrival and day-8 self-swabbing kit arrives at your designated address on or after the 8th day of your arrival in the UK as mandated by the UK government regulations.