Fit to Fly

Book your Fit to Fly Travel Test: In Clinic Appointment or Home Self-Swab.
Express Fit to Fly service provides results within 3 hours (ask the clinics for details)

When you book your test using our website, you will receive an email to confirm your Order and Appointment to attend our clinics.

In Clinic Appointment: Passengers can attend one of our two main clinics (London and Manchester, see below for full address) to have COVID-19 rt-PCR or Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow testing, depending on the requirement of the destination country. The swabbing will be carried out by our professionally trained clinicians in a friendly and comfortable environment.

On the day of your test, you MUST bring along your passport and the booking reference number to assist the clinician in locating your details.

Professionally trained, experienced and friendly clinicians at 4 Medical Testing will explain full details of the test procedure before completing it. All clinicians involved in COVID-19 testing will have full PPE to ensure preventing cross-infection and maintain passengers’ safety and well-being. Once a swab is taken, it will be processed immediately for a rapid turn-around of results within 12-36 hours. Our aim is to ensure you fly with peace of mind!

Home Self-Swab: After receiving your order, we will ship your test kit by a next day courier service. Instructions on how to self-swab, register your kit, and repackage will be provided.

For rt-PCR Fit to Fly: you will need to return your test kit to our laboratory in prepaid Royal Mail Tracked 24 envelop provided. To make sure your swab sample arrives in our laboratory you can opt in to make your own courier arrangements.

For Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Fit to Fly: you do not need to send your swab back to our laboratory. You need to follow instructions on how to upload your swab result to us and we will email your test certificate in a pdf format.

You can also drop off your swabs at one of our clinics in Manchester or London (see below for clinic addresses).


Suite A, Beech Court, M60 Office Park, Wynne Avenue, Swinton, Manchester, M27 8FF

Tel: (+44) 0161 989 5333


1A Balfour Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4HP

Tel: (+44) 0208 262 3527

When the swab sample is processed and analysed, the result will be available and emailed to you in a PDF format that can be safely saved to your device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop computers) for printing if a hard copy is required by your destination country’s immigration authority.

Unvaccinated Day 2 and Day 8 Covid-19 Testing

The UK government has mandated that ALL International travellers who have NOT had their two dose Covid-19 vaccination (unvaccinated) in the UK, must self- isolate for 5 days if they book TTR and day2 / Day8 or 10 days ( click here for more details) if they book only day2/day8 from arriving in the UK (unless they are specifically exempt, ( click here for more details ). If you break the quarantine rules, you may face a penalty of up to £10,000.

The day of arrival in England will be treated as day zero. Tests will be taken in your own accommodation.

All self-isolating international travellers arriving in the UK MUST also have COVID-19 rt-PCR testing on or before day-2, and on or after day-8 of self-isolation period. The day of arrival in England will be treated as day zero. Tests will be taken in your own accommodation.

When ordering your test, you need to provide details about yourself and your journey. Once your order is completed, you then receive a unique reference number by email which will start with FMC… which you MUST enter in your Passenger Locator Form (see for details) before boarding your flight to the UK.

Day 2 Arrivals Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow test

Day 2 Lateral Flow Test (Rapid Antigen Test: RAT)

From 24thOctober, International Passengers who are FULLY VACCINATED in the UK or are vaccinated where vaccination programme is accepted by the UK Government ( ), will only require taking a Day 2 Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) which is also known as Lateral Flow test (LFT). This test is mandatory and MUST be purchased before returning to the UK.

However, if you still wish to opt in for a day 2 rt-PCR test, it can be done, and it is accepted by the UK government.

When ordering your test, you need to provide details about yourself and your journey. Once your order is completed, you then receive a unique reference number which you MUST enter on your Passenger Locator Form (see for details) before boarding your flight to the UK.

Note: children under 18 travelling back to the UK regardless of their COVID-19 vaccinations status DO NOT need to self-isolate. They will only need to do a day 2 rt-PCR test if they are from countries with approved vaccination programme ( ) otherwise they will need to have day 2 and day 8 Covid-19 rt-PCR tests.

Test to release page

4 Medical Testing: Test-To-Release (TTR) Certificate within 24 hours

Express TTR service: Results within 3 hours (ask the clinics for details).

What you need to do when you arrive in England depends on whether you qualify as fully vaccinated under the rules for travel to England.

If you do not qualify as fully vaccinated, you must quarantine for 10 days on arrival.

Check whether you qualify as fully vaccinated.

Under the Test to Release scheme you can choose to pay for a private COVID-19 test on day 5. If the result is negative (and the result of your day 2 test result was negative or inconclusive) you can end your quarantine.

You cannot take your Test to Release test until you have been in England for 5 full days. The scheme is voluntary and applies to those quarantining in England only. If you do not want to opt into the Test to Release scheme, you will need toquarantinefor 10 days.

You cannot take part in the scheme if you have been in or through a country or territory on the red list in the 10 days before you arrive in England. There are currently no countries or territories on the red list for travel to England.

Swabs for rt-PCR tests are taken by qualified Health Care Professionals at our sites in Manchester and London.

COVID-19 rt-PCR and Rapid Antigen Testing (Lateral Flow Testing) for Overseas Travellers New guidelines for covid-19 testing effective from 24th October 2021.

If you are travelling back from any country except red list countries:

  • Have had both doses of your Covid-19 vaccine? You will only need to have a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen testing (Lateral Flow testing) on or before your day 2 of arriving in the UK.
  • All unvaccinated and not fully vaccinated passengers – MUST quarantine for 10 days and MUST take Covid-19 rt-PCR tests on or before day 2, and on or after day 8.

For guidance on the entry requirement for your destination country

Fill in your Passenger Locator Form here:

Covid-19 travel package includes:

  • One or Two Covid-19 swab kits, depending on where you are travelling from.
  • Pre-paid, Royal Mail 24 Track, return postage for your rt-PCR swab kits.
  • Full, easy to follow instructions on how to self-swab, register your kits, re-package, and send it to our laboratory using Royal Mail Priority Post Box (
  • Your test result will be emailed to you as a pdf file.
  • Note: subject to Royal Mail COVID-19 Priority Box collection and delivery service, the result usually takes 24-48 hours to be available, but in some cases, it may take up to 72 hours or more.
  • You may drop of your sample to either one of our test centres in London or Manchester.
  • YouTube explaining swabbing procedure: